Kafka In Tangier – Baladi Book club

Cover of book - Kafka in Tangier. A man holding a suitcase is on the cover.

Join us for Baladi Magazine’s first book club meeting via ZOOM as we discuss Kafka in Tangier by Mohammed Said Hjiouij and translated by Phoebe Bay Carter! Mohammed will attend …

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Reality Cloaked in High Fantasy: Author P.L.Stuart Discusses His Innovative The Drowned Kingdom Saga

Photo of P.L. Stuart and his book covers

P.L. Stuart was born in Toronto, Canada. He holds a university degree in English, specializing in Medieval Literature. P.L. is an assistant editor with Before We Go Blog https://beforewegoblog.com/ . …

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                                            Kintsukuroi                …

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by Lisa Suhair Majaj 1.the night was brittle with cold bed shaking legs shaking brain shaking I screamed in terror voice shuddering into fragments a weight pressed my chest my …

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Fragmented Soul

Figure of man in broken mirror

I looked at my fragmented image in the mirror, many faces with distorted angles looking at me through the shards of mirror glass as if they were all my previous …

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A Conversation with Speculative Fiction Writer Zoha Kazemi

Zoha Kazemi is an Iranian speculative fiction writer. She was born in 1982, in Tehran and is currently living there. She has an engineering BS and an MA in English …

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A Conversation With Marguerite Dabaie

Marguerite Dabaie, author of the graphic novel The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories (Rosarium 2018), draws autobio, socio-political, and historical-fictional comics with a decorative flair. They have also contributed …

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The Hatching

His boys, excited about their first successful hunt, knew they shouldn’t make a sound. Slowly and quietly, they dragged their wet boots over the narrow, cracked concrete ground and walked …

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Explore: Islam, Science Fiction and Extraterrestrial Life – a Study by Dr. Jörg Matthias Determann

“Islamic tradition has been generally supportive of conceptions of extraterrestrial life” says Dr. Jörg Matthias Determann in his book Islam, Science Fiction and Extraterrestrial Life. “For example, the Qur’an repeatedly …

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A Conversation with Lena Mubsutina, Author of Amreekiya

Thumbnail of author Lema Mubsutina and a photo of her book, Amreekiya

Lena Mubsutina is the author of Amreekiya, an Arab American Book Award winner, a finalist for the Louise Meriwether First Book Prize, and one of Foreword’s “Four Phenomenal Debut Novels.” …

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