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Exploring the past, engaging the present, Imagining the future

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Obatit’s Ploys

“What’s the shame of being Ethiopian?” She whispered to herself. Suddenly, a year ago when she fled to Sudan, she discovered that Ethiopian denotes a derogatory, painful word among Sudanese … Read more
Jasmine in Moonlight

I Am Not The Same

A kite that flies over headsin attempts to rebirth a forgotten ritualin a place that glorifies traditionto break the sky’s dominance. An olive tree keen in silence,ripped away from its … Read more

Exploring, Engaging, Imagining

Mona Mohamed Saleh

A Dream on a Stone Wedge?

The echo doesn’t make a sound. Yassen mutters as his cursing words are blockaded by ghosts, bats of darkness, stone … continue reading
abstract art

The Silk Road Embrace

The sphere upon which mortals come and go,Has no end nor beginning that we know;And none there is to tell … continue reading
Mansour El-Swaim

The Humanistic Tendencies of Mansour El Souwaim’s Fictional Works

Mansour El Souwaim is an acclaimed Sudanese novelist with an international reputation as a short story writer and journalist. During … continue reading
Girl in the shadows

You Will Give Birth to a daughter

If I could go back in time and tell my young self one day long fromnow you will give birth … continue reading

Art submissions


Suhad Khatib: On Art and Genocide

Suhad Khatib, an Amman-based artist & designer. Reversing the harm of propaganda through art and philosophy. One painting/study at a … continue reading
Photo of P.L. Stuart and his book covers

Reality Cloaked in High Fantasy: Author P.L.Stuart Discusses His Innovative The Drowned Kingdom Saga

P.L. Stuart was born in Toronto, Canada. He holds a university degree in English, specializing in Medieval Literature. P.L. is … continue reading

A Conversation with Speculative Fiction Writer Zoha Kazemi

Zoha Kazemi is an Iranian speculative fiction writer. She was born in 1982, in Tehran and is currently living there. … continue reading

A Conversation With Marguerite Dabaie

Marguerite Dabaie, author of the graphic novel The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories (Rosarium 2018), draws autobio, socio-political, and … continue reading

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