If I Could Be A Bird

If I could be a bird 

I’d prefer to fly over the rubble 

Using my wings to break the stillness 

In time 

And drift into the screams

When the mourning 

Just like the wind 

Irritated between wild and high 

I’d carry the shredded body 

Over seas and white clouds 

So nothing will threat her 

To marvel the full moon 

The silent night 

With no drones busting

Her heart now 

Filled with contentment

She’d blow away a kiss 

To deliver it as grace.

Tala Albanna

Tala Albanna was born and raised in Gaza. She is a law student, a writer, and an activist in the human rights and environmental fields. She has a strong passion to discover more about the world of animals and nature. She likes to read and she also embroiders (tatreez) in her free time as a way to bond with her ancestral home in Jaffa. She recently received a scholarship to study in the United States.

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