A Conversation with Speculative Fiction Writer Zoha Kazemi

Zoha Kazemi is an Iranian speculative fiction writer. She was born in 1982, in Tehran and is currently living there. She has an engineering BS and an MA in English literature. She started writing and publishing stories around twelve years ago and writes both in Farsi and English. So far, she has published 13 novels (two more novels are under publication), a short story collection, and a flash fiction collection in Iran. Her novels “Rain Born” (Austin McCauley Pub.) and “Year of the Tree” (translated by Caroline Croskery, Candle and Fog Publications) are available in English. She has won the Noofe award for the best speculative novel of the year in Iran, two times in a row for her dystopian novel “Death Industry” and her post-apocalyptic novel “Rain Born”. Her first sci-fi novel “Pine Dead” was acknowledged in the first Noofe award. She has also written other dystopian novels like “Humanoid” and “The Juliet Syndrome” which is a best seller in Iran. Kazemi has published a three-volume novel for young adults called “The World of Lollipop People” and a fantasy novel titled “The Covering Dust”. Her latest published book is a short story collection “Time Rider” with nine speculative stories. She has two more speculative novels under publication, one for adult readers and a thriller-fantasy for YA named “The Mehrzan Gate”. Kazemi owns a bookshop in Tehran named “Rama Bookstore” which specializes in speculative fiction where she holds many events, like book signings, creative writing workshops and story writing contests. Where to purchase Rain Born https://www.austinmacauley.com/author… https://www.amazon.com/Rain-Born-Zoha… Zoha Kazemi on social media https://twitter.com/zohakazemi https://www.instagram.com/zoha_kazemi…


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