A Conversation With Marguerite Dabaie

Marguerite Dabaie, author of the graphic novel The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories (Rosarium 2018), draws autobio, socio-political, and historical-fictional comics with a decorative flair. They have also contributed to a number of anthologies and are currently, very slowly, working on a graphic novel about the 7th-century Silk Road. Marguerite is a freelance illustrator and has worked with such publications as the Nib, the Believer, Abrams, and Viking Penguin, among others. They are also an editor for the A.M. Qattan Foundation, the Journal of Palestine Studies, and Birzeit University, and are an editor, writer, and cultural consultant for the tabletop RPG Blackbirds.

Find Legends of the Heights here https://www.gocomics.com/legends-in-t…

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